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"Hunden elsker træningen med manden."

Translation:The dog loves the training with the man.

October 4, 2014



"The dog loves training with the man"? Yes, it is a verb, not a noun, but "the training", in this context, doesn't sound well to me.


I agree. It sounds a bit awkward in Danish as well. "Hunden elsker at træne med manden" sounds better. It is still not entirely clear who is training who though. "Hunden elsker at blive trænet af manden" makes that more clear. But I am no expert. I do not have a dog.


Well, if you were to ask my dog (granting some means to do so...) I'm sure he would say he has both my wife and me fairly well trained.


Well, it does for me. I see you're learning italian, so you may already know this (or maybe not): Well, i'm a spanish native speaker (a proud colombian), so there's a big difference between "entrenando" (training as continius verb) and "entrenamiento" (like to say "a training session"="una sesión de entrenamiento"). As you see, it's right, just need to open your mind more ;)


"The dog loves the training session with the man." is no less awkward a phrasing than Duo's translation "The dog loves the training with the man.", though. That is the issue I brought up. Can you formulate an alternative noun phrase to "the training" that would fit as a translation and sound natural?


Right. Mhhh, i think it means tha the dog loves the man's training. Or,more correctly, it means that the man manages the trainig, and the dog loves his trainig. I think that's it.


I am more comfortable to translate this as 'The dog loves to train with the man.'


Very clunky sentence.


in danish is it acually said like this with the "the training with the man" or is that done just for the purpose of this exersize. Because in english (American) no on would say the dog loves the training with the man, .. a person would simply say, the dog loves the dog loves training with the man.... or better ... the dog love to train with the man. I notice we are always using the form with en so that is translates to "the" does danish usually do this?


Too many the's for my brain to work


I think that i would probably say training and not the training.


In English we don't use "the training"... Come on Duolingo, learn your English!


I agree, I'm really fed up with all the 'the's which are stuck in!


Speaking of training ; I am training myself to guess what ´English Duo - Lingo will insist on .I could see that " the training with the man" was heading my way and typed it in. It's wrong but it has become a game.Beats getting cross.

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