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"There was a lot of rain in June."

Translation:Der var meget regn i juni.

October 4, 2014



I would say "der var en masse regn i juni" just sounds more natural when speaking.


I would say "der faldt meget regn i juni". But unfortunately Duolingo doesn't accept that


The DL translation is not natural Danish! Rain comes (and sometimes stops!). "Der kom megen regn i juni" would be a better translation than DL's. More commonly heard would be this: "Det regnede meget i juni" (it rained a lot in June). You cannot say 'Der var...regn...', but you could say 'det var regnvejr' (it was rainy weather).

To come or to be, that's the question here!


Is regne the plural ? Seems like it should be ok


What's the difference between meget and mange?


shortest answer to your question, Noah: 'meget = much", 'mange = many". Or - both words - 'a lot'.

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