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  5. "Han cykler hele dagen."

"Han cykler hele dagen."

Translation:He bikes all day.

October 4, 2014



Surely this should be "He cycles all day"?


"Bikes" is extremely informal/slang and mostly limited to british english. Not every english speaker uses this, but "cycles" is universally accepted and easily understood by any english speaker.


"He rides a bike all day"? "cykler" is "to ride the bike", isn't it? Not horses, motorcycles or broomsticks? "To bike" appears to be present in British English and is informal, at that, according to Google, and "He rides all day" the other answer, still calls for an object, outside of a context.


As of 1st May 2015, it accepts 'he bikes all day'


"He rides a bike the whole day." answer should totally be accepted! It got corrected to "He rides his bike the whole day."


You can only 'bike' somewhere, e.g. he bikes to work. Otherwise it has to be 'cycles.'


I wrote "he rides the bike all day" and Duolingo tells me that it should be "his bike" but you know... the Danish sentence says nothing about who owns that bike.


Why is it dagen and not dag in this sentence?


Try to think about this as "He cycles the whole day" instead of a "He cycles all day". "Hele dagen" is a fixed phrase in which the definite article is used.


As Furtonis says, it is literally 'the whole day' but hele works by putting the article with the noun, as it's Danish. Think of it as a set phrase, or as 'whole day the'. You can practise it with 'hele måneden, hele ugen, hele året' and so forth.


Contagios danish song: jeg er sa glad for min cykel...https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ya1YPbv8s8


"Cycles" should be allowed!


Rides the bike or cycles

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