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"New concept" feature

I remember someone wrote about "concepts", but I had no idea what they were. Today I saw a "New concept" introduction myself:


Nice job, German team! Little by little Duolingo will become an independent source for learning grammar and the users won't have to consult grammar sites on every topic.

P.S. It was kind of funny to get such a "new concept" doing a lesson deep down the tree when I've apparently learned the cases already :-)

June 12, 2013



Thanks for the feedback!

It seems like you've been ahead in the tree before we pushed this feature to users. Thus, you will get to see it, but at a later point than a brand new user would.


I got this in French as well awhile back. It was introducing possessive adjectives I believe. And yes I didn't get the tips until I was well into the tree and had presumably learned possessive adjectives. I liked the basic idea although after a while I kept getting the same little pop up on the same concept so it would be nice to indicate when you have "learned" a grammar concept so it didn't reappear so many times. I don't remember now if that is how I learned when to use "c'est" properly or not (I somehow attribute it to that though), but I did find them helpful at least the first time around even on concepts I was already somewhat familiar with.


wow that's great! that's the only thing i felt i missed here.

these "concepts" are in SPANISH too?


yes they are! or at least I've seen them a few times :)


This is something of what I'm looking for. Why not promote these "concepts" to the ranks of words so that they can become practisable?


Everything in a sentence is practisable. I learned German cases before those concepts, and Duolingo was awesome at drilling the right articles!

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