Translation:The crab is drinking the water.

4 years ago


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I suppose I'm wrong but vand and vandet sound the same to me.

I hear "va'n", with the a as the first a in Sarah (american accent), the apostrophe as a glottal stop and then n. What is the difference between the two of them?

4 years ago


I wouldn't say you're wrong - if it sounds similar to you, well, then it sounds similar (;

However, it may help to distinguish the two, if you try and say "vand-et" slowly and forcefully (With the "et" pronounced like the starting syllable in the name 'Etta'). So that you say "vand" as it's pronounced, and then tack on the "et" purposefully.

While this is just software doing the pronunciations, Danes do have a big tendency to almost swallow the words (Guess that's why Swedes and Norwegians tease us, saying we sound like we're talking with a potato in our mouth), which can make it a bit hard for foreigners to distinguish between the words.

4 years ago


Have you ever had trouble hearing because i do not know how to pronounce it or it isn't clear and i get it wrong

3 years ago


after much practice I can now usually understand when the article is there. In this sentence I really just heard "van" with no mumbling to indicate there might be an "et" afterwards

3 years ago


Vand = veeanl Vandet = veeand

1 year ago


"drinking" is missing, there's only "drink" :(

8 months ago


the words provided to the question were not in the correct translation

7 months ago


The danish sentense "Krabben drikker vandet." was translatet "The crab drinks water." It was signed as wrong. Instead the right translation should be: "The crab is drinking water." Where's the difference?

3 months ago


Yeah I wish to know that too

2 months ago


I heard it as " vanel"

3 years ago

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Do you drink water, or do you drink THE water?

9 months ago

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Context dependent - example: You put a bowl of water on the table and while you're not looking, the cat drinks the water. So the cat drinks water, and more precisely it drinks the water that is in the bowl.

4 months ago


once again the 'the' isn't neccasary...

11 months ago
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