"Do you want to go to the mall?"

Translation:Vil du med i centeret?

October 4, 2014



I learnt from another source that the construction 'Vil du med' translated to 'Do you want to come/go with me'. Is this not so?

October 4, 2014


It appears to be an idiom, yes. I guess it literally means "Want you with?"

October 8, 2014


You are both right.

November 22, 2014


But if this is the case, the translation to "Do you want to go the the mall?" is not exactly correct.

November 27, 2014


Yes, same in German: "Willst du mit?"

October 1, 2017


Yes but the English original does nor mention/contain the "mit" (i.e., with me) part of the sentence. We can't translatee words/concepts that don't appear in the original!

November 6, 2017


Yes! "Do you want to go to the mall" and "Do you want to go to the mall with me" can have different meanings.

November 5, 2018


And in Dutch «Wil je mee naar .../ Ga je mee naar ...»

February 25, 2018


What is wrong with "Vil du gerne gå til centeret"? Too literally?

September 26, 2017


I was thinking the same. However "går" (go/walk) wouldn't be for traveling a distance. It would be "tager til" I believe.

"Vil du gerne tager til centeret?"

But this was not accepted.

July 3, 2018


I also would like to know

December 4, 2017


Thete is no mention of "with me" in the original sentence. How are we supposed to know it was "intended"? One can't translate words that aren' there!

November 6, 2017


I wrote "Vil du til centeret?" This was incorrect because it should be "i centeret". Okay, I stand corrected. But Duolingo also marked it incorrect because they say it should be "Vil du MED i centeret?" But I agree with a previous discussant. There is no "MED" in the English sentence. Imagine this: Someone asks, "Do you know the way to Clarke Street?" I answer "Oh, do you want to go to the mall?" I am not asking if he/she wants to go there with me!

January 12, 2018


What about the word indkøbscenteret instead of centeret?

January 27, 2018


Yes, I have a hard time remembering this one, but if you think of the med in this case/expression as meaning "(come along)" as in 'come along with me/us' is will be easier to remember as it's apparently some permutation of that expression. "Vil du med i biographen?" Would you like to come along to the movies?" as in '(come along) with (me/us)'.
Hope that helps! It took a while to wrap my mind around the expression too.

June 26, 2018


Is centeret the right spelling?

October 8, 2016


Yes, because it is "the" center

April 2, 2018


Both "centeret" and "centret" seem to be fine: https://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=center

July 1, 2019


The mall and the town center are not necessarily the same and could be in many cases a very poor translation. A closer translation is "do you want to go to town."

August 21, 2019


It is really not a good Ansatz to ask for too free translation in the approach from Duolingo.

If one goes for sayings than this Sound be clear

December 3, 2018


,,,, should be clear

December 3, 2018
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