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Sudden increase in total score

When I logged in this morning I had about 300 points more in total score. I only did 1 or 2 lessons. Is there some error in the system or did I receive a bonus for something? I don't want extra points for nothing, feels like I have cheated. Anybody else experienced it?

June 12, 2013



I also gained too much points with the android app. It happened again today. I did 4 tests on the android app and gained 87 points.

When this issue gets fixed, will duolingo be able to restore the total score to the correct score? Because i'm competing with a friend and I have a large unfair advantage now. This takes away the competitive aspect.


Do you use the Android app? There is a known (rare) issue in which it is adding spurious points.


I do. I did 1-2 lessons using the app, then used the website and saw the increase.


Same thing with me, I did some lessons using the Android app and I got way too much points (2-4 x more I'm not sure)


I think it has been fixed. 1 lesson, only 12 points :)

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