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Dass und das

When should I use 'dass' and when should I use 'das'?

September 16, 2012

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The word is only spelled "dass" if it's a conjunction.

  1. "Das" if it's an article (ex. das Buch - the book)

  2. "Das" if it's a relative pronoun and can (more or less) be replaced by which/who (ex. Das Buch, das auf dem Tisch liegt, ist interessant. - The book that is lying on the table is interesting).

  3. "Das" if it can be replaced by a noun phrase. (Das ist schön - That is nice = That thing is nice// Das sind meine Eltern - These are my parents = These people are my parents).

  4. "Dass" if it's a conjunction. Ich denke, dass er nett ist. - I think that he is nice.

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