"Ele conhece o menino."

Translation:He knows the boy.

June 12, 2013

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Why " He meets the boy" is wrong?


In Portuguese, you will use meet when meaning either encontrar (as in "I'll meet with you guys there!") or conhecer (as in to know/meet someone for the first time: "I met him at the gym"). Every other occasion, you need to use conhecer as know C:

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    Would it be fair to say conhecer is equivalent to English "to be acquainted", or no?


    I'm also wondering this.


    What is the difference between <saber> and <conhecer>? Both mean <know> in English.


    "Saber" means something that you have knowledge about or ability to do. "Conhecer" means to know someone because you were introduced to, means to know some city because you have been there, means to know some music because you already linsten to that ...

    "Saber": Eu sei cozinhar. (I can cook)

    "Saber": Ela sabe matemática (She knows math)

    "Conhecer": Eu conheço sua mãe. (I know your mother)


    You can also use conhecer when you meet someone for first time. At least, in spanish is this way.

    conhecer = meet, know (people)


    He knows the child is wrong?


    The child = a criança


    I put 'meet' too. That's how i was taught in european portuguese. Conhece ele = you meet him.


    should'nt there be a "He met the boy" i feel as if it would be easier to remember this word do to its coordination to the Conheser "meet" For example... Conheser "meet" Future tense Conhece "Met" Past tense


    He met the boy = Ele conheceu o menino.

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