"He is a private boy."

Translation:Is buachaill príobháideach é.

4 years ago


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I put this: "Tá sé buachaill príobháideach." which was marked wrong and I see that "Tá sé ina buachaill príobháideach." is what comes up in some online sites. I guess I'd like to know what the "ina" means and if it is needed. I put "Tá sé buachaill príobháideach" in and got "It is a private boy." I'm confused.

4 years ago


When you're identifying or classifying something, you use the copula is, which is when you'd use i (plus appropriate possessive) with tá. also, don't trust online translators for Irish, ever.

4 years ago

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Ina means (in this context) “in his”. It seems as though those online sites were trying to apply an alternative way of identifying a person to this sentence — e.g. “He is a farmer” can be expressed as either Is feirmeoir é or Tá sé ina fheirmeoir (literally “He is in his farmer”, which would be used when someone farms but doesn’t identify himself as a farmer) — but that second method doesn’t make sense when applied to buachaill príobháideach, since that isn’t a rôle that can be taken up and set aside in the same way that a job, profession, or vocation would be.

3 years ago
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