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past tenses in internet translations

Often, there are sentences (French) that have a present tense in them, but the best translation is a past tense(English). Regarding the story this past tense is more logical, but still, technically it is not the right translation. How come, and is it just common to use present tense when actually there is referred to the past? Example: Duolingo: Il reçoit une formation militaire au Japon. Me: He receives a military training in Japan. Best: He received military training in Japan. Furthermore, I would translate 'received' to 'recevait'

September 16, 2012



I've wondered this in translating an article about the history of Brazil. The present tense appears to be used about clearly historical data. Is this a convention of writing in French, or an error on the part of the author. In either case, it seems appropriate to translate into past tense in English. Would appreciate thoughts on this.


Furthermore, I would translate 'received' to 'recevait'

Rather, to "a reçu" because "recevait" is like "was receiving".

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