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Fem versus Masc list

Is it possible to print out a list of the words you have leant, so the words are arranged in a Fem and Masc list. The reason for the request is would be easier to print the list of words I have learnt in French and to study which words are Fem and which are Masc, everytime I have 5 or 10 minutes.


June 12, 2013



Better than having Duolingo give you a list, the designers should make it as a mini challenge, ask the learner if its m or f.


When you say "list of words" do you just nouns? They are the only class of words that are either Masc or Fem. Or do you include adjectives which have a Masc and a Fem form?


Thanks for this suggestion! I'll let the team know :D


Yes its a list of nouns I am looking for, as it is important in contructing a sentence to know if the noun you are using is Fem or Masc.

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