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"They eat a steak and a strawberry."

Translation:De spiser en bøf og et jordbær.

October 5, 2014



et jordbær: So "et" depends on the noun and not whether the noun starts with a vowel?


But ”j” isn't a vowel... So what's the real rule? Is it... if the beginning of the pronounced word sounds like vowel?


"Et" is used on gender neutral words. "Et dyr" and "et barn."

En is used on gendered words. "En pige" and "en dreng."

Its an old linguistic thing. It's best to just learn the particle (et/en) with the word.


Thank you, thank you, you are the first to give me the clear answer I need


me again, so, a strawberry is gender neutral and a steak is a gender (probably male)... still confused.


What is the difference in using 'en' and 'et'? For a while, I thought 'et' was just for people but I gues not.


It's just like genders in many languages (like french) you just have to know when to use what, after a while, you just get used to what is right. Though nobody can seem to aggree on what should be used with "hamster". "Et hamster" or "en hamster"...


If I'm not sure, I use 'en' as most nouns are 'en'.

The 'et' nouns are not as usual. So far I'm only remembering the 'et' nouns because they stand out to me; et æg, et jordbær, et bær.


A steak and a strawberry start with the same first consonant so if you're going by the letter a word starts with how do you know between the ET and the en for putting it prior to the word?

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