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How to pronunce "R"

Hi, how do we pronunce the letter R in portuguese ? Is it like "H", like the rollen r in spanish, or like the french r ? I don't get it with the automatic voice Thanks very much

June 12, 2013



R at the end of a syllable (examples: por-ta, mar-ca, gar-fo,...): São Paulo (capital): a bit similar to R in Spanish, but slighter // São Paulo (countryside): like R in "far" in English. Rio de Janeiro / Belo Horizonte / Pernambuco: R similar to French


Only in Rio the R is similar to the French R (but much more slighter). In other places it sounds like the R in the beginning of a word (as H in english, just a burst of air)


Some more insight on it that she hasnt expained: 1- if the letter R begins a syllable after a consonant, it sounds like RR (H in english). For instance: Henrique: you say like /HenRRique/ (N before R), chilram: you say like /chilRRam/ (L before R)


These videos by Dr Huback are great aren't they? I watched the first 17, i.e. the ones in Portuguese, a few weeks ago and I had the illusion I could understand Portuguese because she speaks at just the right pace. (The illusion was dispelled as soon as I tried to listen to the CBN news stream :-). For me, it's a pity that some of her later videos are in English.


Yeah I think I can understand about 1% of what the average Portuguese speaker says. In case you missed it JCMcGee recommended some animated children's stories in Portuguese in the following discussion: [http://www.duolingo.com/#/comment/545035]. The audio and subtitles are both in Portuguese and so they are a good stepping stone. I still find the pronunciation a bit strange but I've been assured it's Brazilian Portuguese.


Oh no! It looks as though I am too late to see this video. Thank you ThanKwee for the following info.

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