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Best way to practice weak words?

I see there is a "Practice all skills" button on my home page, and in each section there is a practice button. But it seems like when I use the "practice all skills" button it asks random easy questions that I know well. I was curious what ways most of you practice your weaker skills?

June 12, 2013



¡Es simple! Click on 'Vocabulary' at the top. Once you have studied your vocabulary list, find the blue button the reads 'Practice your weakest words'. It'll give you practice questions on words of which you could still use improvement on. I use it all the time as I learn Spanish, so I keep improving every day...


Muchisimas gracias! Ok one more question. Do I have to do the timed practice to update my bars to gold? Or can I do the untimed practice? ANd do I have to complete the lesson without running out of hearts?

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