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  5. "He is wearing a silly hat."

"He is wearing a silly hat."

Translation:Tá hata amaideach air.

October 5, 2014



In a previous question I translated "Ta... air" as "he is wearing", but it was marked wrong. The answer insisted upon was "He has a ... on." Yet here the more idiomatic "is wearing" is accepted even though there is no mention of the verb "caith". A little consistency would be appreciated.


The Irish course is still in beta for a good reason — so that such inconsistencies can be taken care of. Be sure to report problems whenever you find them, so that they can get fixed.


Confused, I used caitheann here but was marked wrong. If the English had been 'he wears' (rather than 'he is wearing') would 'caitheann' have been called for?

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