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"È la direzione giusta per il museo?"

Translation:Is it the right direction for the museum?

June 12, 2013



what's wrong with saying is the direction correct for the museum?


Do you see a difference between "is it the correct direction to..." and "is the direction correct for..."?


The original sentence uses "la direzione giusta" / "the correct direction" as an object, while the alternative sentence uses "la direzione" / "the direction" as a subject. Thus, the two sentences are grammatically very different. The original subject is implied in Italian.

  • È la direzione giusta per il museo? = Is it the correct direction for the museum?
  • La direzione è giusta per il museo? = Is the direction correct for the museum?

It should be more clear with affirmative statements and with an explicit subject in Italian:

  • Quella è la direzione giusta per il museo. = It is the correct direction for the museum.
  • La direzione è giusta per il museo. = The direction is correct for the museum.


That was my point, actually. Maybe I was too cyrptic?


Yes, it was just a little bit too rhetorical maybe ;)


I'm afraid at times I stick too much to the Socratic Method :-)


"is the direction right for the museum" not accepted. Also this is a really awkward sentence.


"Are the directions correct for the museum?"

I'm not sure why that isn't acceptable.


Because this is someone asking if they're going the right way towards the museum, not if a certain set of directions are the right ones.


are giusta and destra both used for right or does giusta mean correct and destra mean the direction ?


"destra" = "right" as opposed to "left". "giusto/a" = "just", so it can mean "factually fair; right, correct; proper", but also "righteous" (applied to a person), or (as an adverb) "exactly".


Thank you, that explains it exactly!


I'm certain I'm saying "è" properly, but Duolingo just won't accept it -- despite accepting every other word out of my mouth. What gives?


Can't it be address instead of direction? :'(


...la direzione giusta al museo would seem correct for this phrase - prepositions so hard too learn!

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