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  5. "I call my mother."

"I call my mother."

Translation:Glaoim ar mo mháthair.

October 5, 2014



Could someone please explain the purpose of "ar" in this sentence to me?


In Irish you put a query or call on someone.

  • Glaofaidh mé air = I'll call on him (I'll call him)
  • Tá glaoch ort = Is call on you (You are being called)
  • Cuirim ceist ar mo chara = I put question on my friend (I ask my friend a question)
  • Cuirfidh mé scairt ort = I'll put shout on you (I'll give you a shout)
  • Tá ceist agam uirthi = Is question at me on her (I have a question for her)


Thank you very much for this. The "ar" was totally messing me up. Your explanation makes sense.


You are thinking of a phone call. It used to be the practice to physically visit people often described as " calling on" people.


"I call my mother" requires ar, but "You call your wife" doesn't... smh


I thought you always needed ar, no matter whom you were calling. Can you explain? (PS--Love your username!)


I was just reviewing verbs (first time in a long while), and for you call your wife the answer was "glaonn tú do bhean chéile"/"glaonn sibh bhur mbean chéile" but then for I call my mother I tried "glaoim mo mháthair" and was marked as incorrect.

Thanks! Maybe some day I'll be able to change it to "Tuigim." :P


I'm no expert, but I think that's wrong. I just had a quick look at focloir.ie, and all the choices given have ar: glaoigh ar, scairt ar, glaoch a chur ar, scairt a chur ar I think you should report that if you come across it again.

Yeah, reviewing verbs--that's a good idea!


Is it possible to use an analytic form--"glaonn mé"--here?


Standard Irish avoid analytic forms for the first person singular, except for tá mé. Glaoim would be preferred.


Born and bred in Ireland I was taught and have always used the analytic e.g. tá mé, ith mé etc rather than táim, ithim, etc

  • 1454

D'ith mé - past tense
Itheann mé - present tense


I think certain dialects use glaonn mé and glaonn múid. "Glaonn gach coileach go dána ar a atrainn fhéin"-Every cock crows boldly in his own farmyard


Scairtim ar mo mháthair should also be accepted as an answer.

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