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Two problems: having to repeat lessons twice and words moving between lessons

Problem 1: Having to repeat lessons twice

Over the past few days, a problem I've never experienced before has started happening. Every time I complete a new lesson on the iOS app, it says "Lesson Complete" etc. and shows new XP on the progress graph. Then, as soon as I return to the main tree, it completely forgets this, and shows the lesson as being incomplete. For example, if I had completed 6/9 of the lessons in Verbs: Infinitives 1, and then complete Lesson 7, as soon as I return to the tree, it still displays 6/9. Then, if I open the skill again, the tick next to Lesson 7 has vanished and it says "Start", instead of "Redo". Once the lesson has been completed a second time, it finally registers that it has been completed permanently.

Problem 2: Words moving between lessons

My second problem is one that has occurred before in certain skills. I've attached pictures below to make this clearer. Nothing happens after completing Lesson 1, but as soon as I complete Lesson 2 the problem arises. One of the words from Lesson 1 moves to Lesson 2, and one of the words from Lesson 2 moves to Lesson 1. Once Lesson 3 is complete, a word from Lesson 3 moves to Lesson 2, and the word originally from Lesson 1 moves to Lesson 3. This continues right throughout the entire skill! The end result of this is that you end up learning one word really, really well, and one word from each lesson isn't learnt very well as they move to previously learnt lessons.

This image shows Lesson 1 after being completed.

This image shows Lesson 2 after completion. As you can see, "dolci" has moved from L1 to L2, and "familiari" has moved from L2 to L1.

This image shows Lesson 3 after being completed, "dolci" has moved from L2 to L3, and "divertenti" has moved from L3 to L2.

This process continues throughout the skill, and in the end "dolci" will end up in the last lesson! I hope this makes sense :) Thank you to anyone who can help with either of my problems!

October 5, 2014



Not sure about no1, but no.2 looks like an A/B test. I'm not sure why you think it is a problem, considering that once you've completed the unit you can always use strengthen skills, or redo a lesson to target any unit you wish to re-learn.


Yes number 2 is an A/B test testing how many new words should be taught per lesson. This is why recently a few people have been questioning why some skills seems to have a different number of lessons for different people/on different devices.

As for number 1 it seems like a bug or a problem somewhere.


OK, thank you both for your help! :) Yes, I've noticed that in some lessons there have been eight words and in some there have been seven. I though it might change at some stage as you advance further through the tree, but now I know otherwise! :)


When you return to the web app from the iOS app, try refreshing the home page or logging off and back on again. The web app seems to have problems syncing with your updated data if left alone.

Not sure about Problem 2' I have never noticed this or heard about it before.


OK, thank you! I'll try this. :)


Checking in to report that Problem 1 happened to me as well, on the current version of the iPad app, version 4.1.0. I went into verbs infinitive 2 in the Spanish from English course, did lesson 7, got XP for finishing it. Went back to the tree view, where the counter stayed at 6/9 finished lessons. When I went back into verbs infinitive 2, the tick mark next to lesson 7 vanished and I had to redo it to advance to lesson 8. However, I did not lose the XP gained from doing lesson 7 for the first time, even though the tick mark vanished. The same thing happened with lesson 8, while I had to do lesson 9 only once.


Yes, that's exactly what happened to me! Lesson 9 only needed to be completed once! It's good to know I'm not the only one having problems with this :)

<h1>1 is happening to me as well.</h1>


That's weird...I wonder why the font is so large in my comment ^^ there.


Number 1 is happening to me as well, has been happening for the past week. I've sent in a note to support about it, but haven't heard anything back. It's getting very annoying though! I'm having to repeat every lesson twice.


I know! I keep telling myself that I will just be learning the skill a little better, but it is annoying.


This problem started happening to me during Infinitive Verbs... at about Lesson 5? This would have been about a week ago, too. :)


so what was your answer? what do you need to do? I'm going through the same agony...


I never got an answer from support. At the moment, everything seems to be working okay for me again. (Crossing fingers and knocking on wood.) I don't know why. After having to deal with repeating lessons for days and days, suddenly it's working like it should. But support never emailed me back.


Mine is working now, too! It worked as normal as soon as I started a new skill (Pronouns). I'm not sure if that's related, though :)


I can't even find the support email address. Would you mind telling me what it is or how I can find it? thanks


Look on the left side of your browser window, about halfway down. There should be a support tab on the side of the screen that will open a form you can use to contact them.

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