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  5. "Aben er i fængsel."

"Aben er i fængsel."

Translation:The monkey is in prison.

October 5, 2014



For those who understand Hungarian, this reminds me of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te7wxWvbVMg (For those who don't, 'Majom a ketrecben' means 'monkey in the cage'.) I know it's not relevant to Danish, but enjoy the song before this gets deleted. :)


I'm curious what the Danish for ape is.


"Aben" means "the monkey" and "the ape". In Swedish, "apa" is both "monkey" and "ape". In German, "affe" is "monkey" and "ape", In French, "singe" is "monkey" and "ape". In Italian, "scimmia" is "monkey" and "ape".

When I studied biology, my English-speaking teacher insisted that monkeys were not apes and apes were not monkeys but modern cladistics says that all apes are monkeys but not all monkeys are apes, just as all tortoises are turtles but only some turtles are tortoises and all owls are birds but only some birds are owls.


one cannot know here if the monkey is being kept in a cage or is in a prison. so duo should accept ''in jail'' as correct too, i find.


When I went to school gaol was the correct word and jail was American.


Is a gaol not a prison???


"Gaol" (pronounced "jail") is the original spelling of the word "jail". Through time, the spelling has changed to match the pronunciation, but still exists in its original form in certain countries.



Why does duolingo always give such silly examples? Surely some more everyday examples would be more useful to practice? You could use duolingo for months and still not be able to communicate a single useful thing in real life. So frustrating.


The courses on Duolingo are not meant to be phrasebooks for the language they are teaching. They are supposed to teach you things like vocabulary, sentence structure and pronunciation. Silly or not this sentence will work to teach you both vocabulary and sentence structure and some basic grammar.

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