"Qual é o regime político no Brasil?"

Translation:What is the political regime in Brazil?

June 12, 2013

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    In the US media, "regime" is used to describe the political systems of countries that politicians in Washington don't like. "Friendly" countries have "governments". "Regime" has a pejorative implication.


    Absolutely agree. I put political system, but it was disallowed.


    Interesting! In Brazil there is no such distinction. Do you think that in relation to Brazil, we are considered a regime or a government?


    Regime. Maybe with the nickname "Republic of Bananas" after the recent coup. And you?


    Definitely considered a government here in the USA. We LOVE Brazil.


    Thank you for sharing, this is new to me.


    I wrote 'regime of Brazil' and was marked wrong. Does it really have to be 'regime IN Brazil' ?


    "What is the political system in Brazil? " i.e. "how does the government work" is the intended meaning in portuguese?


    What does this have to do with food?


    Mixed words!! Regime = regime / diet


    It's just the same word for two meanings. She's on a diet -> Ela está de regime. Regime político - Political regime.


    Please help. I have 5 crowns at the end of lesson 11 and can't seem to go any further. Is this the absolute end of the course? Is there no other course in Portuguese?


    Congrats! I think it is the end and I've wondered the same - if I could not revisit at least under the same account. You could take the English course in Portuguese, and if you're comfort with the language is high enough, maybe take other languages in Portuguese. Just a few thoughts. They do update content, and it may let you visit anything new when it is released, hopefully. Of course you can try other online learning course, but this is the only free one I know of. Good luck!

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