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  5. "Tá lá eadraibh."

" eadraibh."

Translation:There is a day between you.

October 5, 2014



I immediately assumed it was the kind of thing people might say when talking of age. For example, twins born on one side of midnight and thus with different birthdays: 'there is a day between you.'


Does this mean that one is a day older than another, or is one of them a vampire and another is not?


I’d taken it as meaning that a day’s travel was separating the people being spoken to.


It seems funny to me how there are so many words in the English equivalent of a three-word Irish sentence. Languages are fun.


But one of the other exercises had there is a year between you, and that would seem to be less likely a reference to distance.


Perhaps it speaks more of a temporal (time) rather than spatial (place) distance?


I took that to mean "She is a year older than you", whereas "There is a day between you" is a strange way to say "She is a day older than you".


I... What the.. How...?

Why was I marked wrong for this? The words I selected perfectly matched what I heard in the spoken cue, there are no available options that could even possibly be a better match, and I see no difference of any kind between my answer and the "Correct" solution given at the bottom. https://prntscr.com/kimlro

...And I can't even report it, because the option "My answer should have been accepted" is not even available! https://prntscr.com/kimljs

EDITED TO ADD: I... I... I don't even understand anymore. I guess the website bugged out or something, but it accepted the same exact same answer as before the second time through. https://prntscr.com/kimr9e

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You can report this - by submitting a bug report with your screenshots. This isn't an issue with the Irish course, it's a bug with the Duolingo Word Bank Engine, which is why you have to submit it as a bug report, and the "Report" options don't cover it, because those reports don't go to the Duolingo engineers (who can fix bugs), they go to the Course Contributors.


Done, and thanks!


Thanks for the commments above and the info re:Duolingo word Bank Engine and the 'Course Contributors'.


I haven't seen an answer to this question. Can this mean both "a day between you in age" and "a day of travel between you," depending on context?

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