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Hello Duolingo team! I am a user of the 'application'. "We found the application on the phone and now I noticed it on the computer, very much !! :)) The problem is the following: When that exercise comes with: 'Type in what you hear' ..i don't hear anything on the computer.On the phone heard , but on the computer why not?

October 5, 2014


On my computer, sadly, it doesn't give me audio at all for anything. Duolingo, how can I fix this?

What web browser are you using? (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc) Do you have any extensions or add-ons that block videos and music? I have a setting on Chrome that stops Flash from playing. No music or video will play unless I tell it to every time or put the site on the OK list.

This is a really obvious question, but can you play audio from other sites? Like Youtube or Pandora? Can your computer play music from other programs?

If you google "duolingo sound not working" you will find many forum posts. Some of the solutions or situations might help you. This long thread says that updating Flash helped.

How do you put it on the 'OK' list? I use Google Chrome and I've had to transfer to Firefox, and I miss Google Chrome, I like it a lot better.

Content Settings - Plug-Ins - Manage Exceptions I assume the path is similar for Firefox. Look for "whitelist" or "exceptions" or something like that.

I just checked and I didn't need to put Duolingo on the exceptions list. So at least for my machine and my version of Chrome, the fact that "click to play plug-ins" is turned on doesn't prevent audio from playing.

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