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New Documents to come up to translate

You know when it says "You have learned to read [percentage] of all [language] texts." and then gives you a document to translate? Well the last few times that has happened to me, the documents have already been completely translated. And mostly checked. So I don't really have much to do on them. Is it possible to change the documents that come up once they've been finished? It would actually give me and many others a chance to translate them. I realize that there is immersion, but the ones given there correspond to your level and in immersion, it's harder to find.

October 5, 2014



If you are interested In translating documents from french to english that are easy, go to wikipedia FR and press on "Random Articles" And choose those which have less information and that interests you. I find it easier to translate those than for exemple big wikipedia articles where the writing Is quite complex for a beginner.


Just click the real world translation button, and it will randomly choose another article. Keep clicking until it finds one that doesn't contain a lot of translated sections.

More importantly those reminders serve two purposes. One, to read documents, and two to translate documents. Given your level, I'd say that you need to spend more time reading rather than translating anyway.

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