I am new here and i need some help. It might be a stupid question but anyway:

I dont understand the questions in portuguese. If you write: Nós somos homens. It will mean: We are men. Right?

But if you set a question mark afterwards, it will mean: Are we men?

So literally you are saying the same thing, the only difference is the question mark. Is this odd, or is it just me?

And how will you know if it is a question when you speak??

June 12, 2013


The sequence usually doesnt change. You just know it is a question by the intonation! ;)

You'll know it's a question by the intotation. It rises in the end as in several languages. When you think it's bizarre to have the same word order for both statements and questions, for us it's also bizarre to change the order of them AND ALSO rise the tone in the end. For me the effort on reversing the order is just lost. Hahaha ;)

By end intonation

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