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Looking for and Irish audio CD or tape

Hi, As the audio for the DL course is not really complete, I have been trying to find something to help. Memrise is good, but I found a Teach Yourself Irish book by Diarmuid O Se and Joseph Sheils in the library - minus any audio! I have tried to find the audio online, but have had no luck. Does anyone have it? Or does anyone have links to another book with audio?

GRMA in advance!

October 5, 2014



The ISBN for the matching CDs for the Teach Yourself Irish book is 9780340870778; alternatively, the ISBN for its matching cassettes is 9780340870761. Use your preferred search engine to find online retailers, or visit your local bookshop to see if they can get them in for you. If you’re feeling philanthropic, purchase one of these audio sets and donate it to your library, so that they’ll have a matching book and audio pair.


try turas teanga :) i've heard some great reviews about it :) a good idea would be to look for it in your local library before actually buying it.

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