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"Non ti piaceva la colazione oggi?"

Translation:Did you not like the breakfast today?

June 12, 2013



There is a serious problem with the way Duolingo translates the imperfect; most of the time it marks the simple past ("I went there") as wrong, but sometimes - such as in this case - it INSISTS on it. I entered "weren't you liking the breakfast today" and it was marked wrong. Very frustrating.


I agree, but I think this has something to do with subtle differences in tense usage in Italian and English. In English, we would express this sentiment as 'didn't you like breakfast', whereas (I assume) 'non ti piaceva la colazione' is proper in Italian. If we were asked the reverse question (ie, translate 'didn't you like breakfast'), an English speaker would probably use the simple past, even if the idiomatically correct thing in Italian would be the imperfect. What I would appreciate with this program would be additional grammar or usage notes or tips when encountering this kind of issue, rather than having to infer it after being marked wrong for attempting a too literal translation.


in this case the italian sentence is still correct, but unnatural. We would rather say "non ti è piaciuta la colazione oggi?"


Thank you for ckearing that up. I was wondering about that


agree - it's a simple question of two languages having different usages and you would never say "weren't you liking the breakfast today" in English whatever the language you were translating from.


I translated as 'weren't you enjoying breakfast today?' which I believe is perfectly fine English and translates the meaning into imperfect quite nicely.

I was more concerned that Italians would not use the imperfect to express the general sentiment implied, and Francesco has confirmed that.


And that's exactly what I entered "didn't you like your breakfast today?". Rejected. I reported it.


I put the same and was marked incorrect. Frustrating indeed.


YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT!!! Frustrating is a gentle word!! I would use others, but you never know who is reading these comments.


I agree. It’s just nit picking


why isn't it non ti piacevi la colazione oggi? many thanks


Because piace is about colazione, third person, not about tu, second person. E.g. La colazione piaceva a tutti, tu piacevi a tutti


I have the same question please?


In italian it is all about if the breakfast pleases you, - and not if you is pleased/like it.

Non ti = not to you
piaceva la colazione = was pleasing the breakfast
oggi = today

Not to you was pleasing the breakfast today? =
Did the breakfast not please you today? ~
Did you not like the breakfast today?


Was the breakfast today not pleasing to you? Now, I don't often speak like that, but it was correct and I was trying to play it safe.. didn't work!


Did the breakfast not please you today? Sounds good to me.


what is wrong with the word enjoy for piacere??


Not the right meaning


It was only one breakfast - imperfect seems very inappropriate here. :-)


who would say that?


My translation meant the same thing.

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