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"Anden svømmer væk når du snakker portugisisk."

Translation:The duck swims away when you speak Portuguese.

October 5, 2014



Does it swim away while you speak, or because you speak?


Når du snakker.. = When you speak..

Fordi du snakker.. = Because you speak..

Mens du snakker.. = While you speak..


snakker = talk and taler = speak, is this correct? Isn't it better to say, ' taler portugisisk' in this sentence?


I'm pretty sure it's the other way around


I think a better sentence would be "Anden svømmer væk når man snakker portugisisk", because in English it strikes me that this sentence (as is) is talking about when people in general speak portuguese, not you specifically, which is what the sentence (as is) means.

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