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ios offline mode, cell usage, streaks

I'm traveling next weekend and will have my phone. I know you have to go online in order for your streak to count, but I have some questions about that.

  1. If I have cell data on but only use the "strengthen skills" and the unit I'm working on, will Duo want to download more material?

  2. If I use Duo in offline mode but then turn data usage on without doing a lesson, will the app upload my progress to the server? I'm envisioning it working like an email app does: you can write the email offline and then send it when you get back in cell range.

  3. Has anyone with spotty cell or wifi service noticed issues with Duolingo? Any cell or wifi service I will have will be very slow and spotty. Can Duo deal?

Thanks! I have a streak freeze, but I can't buy a replacement freeze on the ios app so it's only going to help for a day.

October 5, 2014

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After some testing:

  1. Strengthen skills doesn't appear to be available in offline mode, so I think the app will use data for that, but not the unit.

  2. Yes! I turned my wifi back on, launched the app, and then went to the website on my laptop. My streak had continued.

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