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  5. "I live in an apartment."

"I live in an apartment."

Translation:Abito in un appartamento.

June 12, 2013



Why is "vivo nel appartamento" incorrect?


First: the correct form would be "vivo nell'appartamento". Second: that would translate "I live in the apartment"


Ahh of course. Thank you.


And why is flat wrong.


It should be correct, report it.


My " Vivo in un appartamento " was correct


"Abito in un appartamento" would be just as good if not more appropriate than "vivo" here, right? Assuming we are emphasizing where I dwell as opposed to how I live my life.


Same! I'm confused with DL jumbling around between "abitare" and "vivere".


Why is vivo not accepted? I know that they are introducing a newer word choice but 'vivo' is the second option in the hover suggestions.


I am confused. In a previous sentence in this lesson 'I live in an apartment' had options including abito and vivo. I chose abito because I thought in Italian that meant to live as I live somewhere and vivo was I live in the sense I am alive. Duolingo marked my answer as incorrect and said I should have used vivo.

In this sentence the range of words available to choose only had abito, which contradicts what Duolingo said in the previous sentence. So, which is the correct verb for to live when you mean you live in a house, town, etc. rather than meaning I am alive.


Sometimes it suggests un' and I don't know when I would use, for example, un appartamento vs un'appartamento


If "un" is in front of a male noun it doesn't need the '; instead when it's in front of a female noun it's the contracted form of "una" and becomes "un' ". Ex: un albero, un occhio, un anno (male nouns: a tree, an eye) un'anatra, un'ape, un'isola (female nouns: a duck, a bee, an island)


"Appartamento" is masculine and uses "un". Youd only use un'___ if youre shortening unA with a vowel.


What about abitare?


Abitare (abito) is accepted.


Abito un appartamento without in is rejected. I think it is ok, maybe even better, because the transitive verb means to occupy or inhabit.

Can a native speaker help?


Is using "nel" incorrect in meaning of "in"?


Nel is the contraction of in il; the other prepositions that contract with the definite article are al, dal, del, sul and sometimes in speech col. Indefinite articles (un etc) as in Duo's case do not contract with a preposition.


Thank you! And since I needed to revisit the definition of indefinite versus definite I've added it here: "Articles are a unique type of adjectives that indicate which noun (person, place, or thing) you’re talking about. The only definite article in English is the, and it refers to a specific noun. Indefinite articles (a or an) refer to nouns more generally."


I have the same question as flint91: when to use "nel/nella" versus "in"


Gave the right answer. Marked as incorrect by Duo


In the multiple choice answer there was no option for abito, only vivo.


Why is vivo not correct. please explain before it is marked wrong, especially when the previous question used a form of abitare!! with no explanation it is really confusing.

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