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  5. "Do I love cooking?"

"Do I love cooking?"

Translation:Houd ik van koken?

October 5, 2014



Why is the sentence order houd ik van koken? Why is the ik inserted into the middle of houd and van in this case but not in others?


I think it's not a case that the ik has been moved, but the van has been moved. I think the van has to be before the verb


The 'houd' has been moved to the start of the sentence to form the question. Think of the equivalent in English: 'I (do) love cooking' vs 'do I love cooking?' or 'she is running' vs 'is she running?'


Why 'koken' with 'ik'?


The inflicted verb linked to the subject ik is houd. Compare Do I love to cook which has the same meaning and the same construction and uses the infinitive to cook like the Dutch sentence.

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