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  5. "Eu respeito os motoristas."

"Eu respeito os motoristas."

Translation:I respect the drivers.

October 6, 2014



I would imagine motorists would also be considered correct, but is not listed as an alternative to drivers.


I used motorists and it worked


I have only heard motorista used to refer to commercial drivers here in Brazil.


Motorist: A person who operates a motor vehicle


Indubitably, but I have yet to hear a Brazilian refer to a car driver as a motorista in 8 years.


Well what do they refer to a car driver as, pray tell?


motorista would be for any operator of a motor vehicle. Though its is often interchangeable and understood from context motorista can be associated as driver. From the comments though is condutor the more common word for driver? In Portugal on the news I have actually found that both words are used and only when doing my driving test did I actually see the words used for the more specific context.

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