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  5. "We zitten in de natuur."

"We zitten in de natuur."

Translation:We are in nature.

October 6, 2014



"We are in nature" sounds a bit strange to me. Does this have the meaning of "We are in the forest" or "We are in a park" (i.e. for a picnic)?


You're right, it has the meaning of We are in the forest, however not the We are in a park (if a city park is meant, it does work for a big national park). Natuur is that which man sees around himself as not modified by him: walking in the 'free' nature, from vandale "dat wat de mens om zich heen ziet als niet door hem gewijzigd: wandelen in de vrije natuur"


"We are in the wild" might be a better fit then.


This is the best fit for me, although I might use 'We are out in the countryside.' personally.



I guess I could translate this sentence almost literally in my native language to mean the same thing (I'd just change zitten with zijn/staan), but I don't know how I'd express that idea in English.


I would personally translate it to We're in the middle of nature, which is not very literal, but does get the meaning across more clearly I think (although you could argue that sentence is the translation of We zitten midden in de natuur.) :)


That's it! That one sounds great :D


Agree, we wouldn't say "we are in nature" - sure sign that a foreigner is speaking! Susande has a great alternative translation!

[deactivated user]

    Tricky, we are in nature is not a natural sounding statement in english. I thought 'we are part of nature' was what it meant but seeing Susande's explanation, 'we are in the open' or 'we are in the open air' is more likely to be used in this situation.


    How about "We are in the outdoors"?


    I think that is OK, perhaps a bit colloquial? I prefer countryside (although there is another more specific word (platteland) for that) as that is really what Dutch people mean when they talk about being "in de natuur". They could also talk about being in a holiday cottage in de natuur, so that wouldn't be outdoors.

    I'm wondering if this Dutch phrase is about as literally translatable as "gezellig"?

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