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"Il ristorante apre alle diciannove."

Translation:The restaurant opens at seven in the evening.

June 12, 2013



It bothers me that "nineteen" it's not accepted. Not everybody here is from an English-speaking country. Some of us take this "Learn Italian from English" course because it's the only Italian course in Duolingo. I'm not trying to learn English, I'm trying to learn Italian, so I find this kind of situations relly annoying.


The course is about translating between Italian and English. It makes no sense to think of the norms or terms of languages other than those two. Answers should reflect the best way to translate between the two. Nothing else.

Doing a course that's specifically there to teach translation between Italian and English and complaining that the course doesn't accommodate norms from other languages is not only unreasonable, it's bizarre.


well it's accepted now lol.


"nineteen hours" was rejected and I reported it. The 24-hour system is not only 'not wrong', it is 'correct' and used in English e.g. travel times, flights, shipping, navigation, military, formal communication. Yes, in learning Italian the translation should use the 24-hour system primarily so we embrace/accept/respect the Italian way, directly. IMO.


I don't recall "nineteen hours" ever being used in English to refer to time. "Nineteen hundred hours" is what I would expect to hear from people using the twenty four hour clock verbally.


I tried ninryren hundred, as thst is how it is said in the US military, but was wrong. Just saying seven seemed like it would be wrong to me, and the translation given was sevenvin the evening. Dsrn, I just want to do a language, not MATH!:)


I used 7 p.m. and it was accepted.


It wasn't accepted today, October 19


I'm from an English speaking country and I don't understand this sentence as 7 pm? And the nineteenth didn't work for me. This is confusing!


It seems you find confusing to read before you post


I'm with you Amy! This question is so confusing. I think it's military time. In military time the hours after 12 noon, are the time plus 12. So 12 + 7 is 19. Very confusing for sure!


You don't need an English course. You speak it very well.


Then why don't you find another course, learning through the language of your choice. In order to prove you have understood the original question, you must necessarily have an understanding of the language you are translating to.


"Seven in the evening" really threw me off....


I know we are supposed to learn idioms, but as a French speaker it is very annoying to be marked wrong if I don't translate to a 12 hours clock.


O.k in this situation they shouldn't do this put it "seven" instead "nineteen" , we are not wizards, because english also has time from 0 to 24.:-)


Also, how do we know this isn't The restaurant opens on the 19th?


What would that mean? The 19th of March? In that case it would "apre il 19". "Alle xx" always refers to hours (time).


I'm guessing that your phrase would be said like this: "il ristorante apre sul diciannovesimo."


Are you sure ? Google translate says "il diciannove". Same way we'd say it in French

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Il diciannove not alle diciannove.


That is what i put in and it was marked wrong. :(


I understand that "diciannove" means nineteen, as in 1900hr and hence seven p.m. But so far, we have placed the units digit before the "dici" (undici, tredici, sedici, etc.). Any reason why it is reversed in this case?


Well, it's something that stems from Latin. I don't know why the Romans did it (probably stems from the language which became Latin, and the one that became that, etc.), but all the other Romance languages take after it. Just be glad we don't say "undavigenti" and "duedavigenti" instead of "diciannove" and "diciotto". You should also be glad it's not like French with "sixty ten" for seventy and "four twenties" for eighty, and then "sixty twenty" for ninety. :)


Haha, the bright side of Italian! Thank you.


idem !!!!!!! nineteen is 7:00 pm


i put "in the afternoon" smh


Well, 7pm is in the evening, not the afternoon


Lol I can't do math so i put nineteen


Wtf?? I didn see word"evening"


Coz it wasn't THERE


In this case DL accept only seven as translation of diciannove. Then how do we know if it am or pm?


The English translation clearly states "...seven in the evening", which is "PM".

In the 24 hour clock, 1-12 o'clock is AM, and 12-24 is PM, in the corresponding 12 hour clock.


'The restaurant opens at nineteen' was accepted Feb 1, 2018


DL what is the difference between 7 p.m. and 7 in the evening???


I said at nineteen hours, and it was wrong...but it's not wrong. In fact, it's exactly what the Italians say, they rarely use the 12 hour clock.


Can't this also mean "the restaurant opens on the 19th"


alle (a + le) shows that the following noun is feminine.
alle 19 is a shortcut for alle ore 19. ore ('hours') is feminine.
If you mean 'it opens on the 19th' you'd need to say apre il 19, shortcut for apre il giorno 19 with the word giorno being masculine.
Also, 'to open at a specific hour' requires aprire alle whereas 'to open on a specific day' is aprire il.


I never realised other languages only used the 24 hour clock. This is interesting to me. :)


Im confused as well there wasnt a correct answer option to the question


I didn't understand that Duolingo was looking for an answer in the 24 hour clock...maybe the word ora needs to be added somewhere? Very frustrating...


diciannove is nineteen and setta di sera is seven in the evening. This has happened a couple of times before. It is very disheartening that wrong terminolgy is being used. Very confusing.


diciannove and sette di sera are both translations for 7pm. What is the issue?


OHHH! the 24 hour clock. Now I get it!


seven in the afternoon is not accepted either


Diciannove is 19. There is no time arriving at 19. FIX THIS


Doesn't diciannove mean 19? I am a bit confused.


Ok. I got it now.

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