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Immersion Feature for Dutch

I know that the incubator page for Dutch states that there's no indication on when Immersion would be implemented, I think it's probably a good idea to see what the interest in this is from the community! Who's with me?

October 6, 2014



Translating in my native language for free XP? Count me in! :P


I can't wait for the translations feature to be enabled. It was my favorite part of the Spanish class. I practice translating my Dutch friends' facebook posts but it would be nice to see how other learners translate the same thing.


I've recently started translating on German so I can't wait for Dutch :D - anybody have any idea when Dutch will come out of beta?


Definitely interested. Hope it's released soon.


Definitely! I can't wait to have more real sentences.


What is this 'immersion feature'? I haven't heard of it, sounds interesting though.


Hm, did it vanish from the other languages (or maybe it's called something else now)? I remember there was a feature where you could upload texts and any user can translate it sentence by sentence. I think it would be really useful in this case for me (and many others) when you get to a point where the same sentences keep popping up when you practice. It would be nice to use the vocabulary that Duolingo has helped to build in my head in a real-world context.

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