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Different French Levels

I just found something really bizarre. I am learning French from English and German. At the moment mostly from German so it has been a while since I took a look at my English to French tree. When I just visited I realized, that I have different French levels. On the English to French tree I am level 15 and on the German to French tree am level 17. A while back I had the same level in both trees, no matter how much effort I put in either, because it was about the learning effort I put into the language and not about the base language.
Can anybody else confirm that? When did it change? Anybody know why? Also the trees are not synchronized any more. Some time ago, all skills I did in one tree became available (not completed) in the other tree, that has also changed.

October 6, 2014



Your level is taken from the number of XPs you have earned. I think DL keeps separate figures for French from English and French from German i.e. It it a measure of your experience learning French from the base language and not your experience of leaning French in total.


Well it didn't before. When I started my French-German tree I had 0 XP, but was still the same level as on my French-English tree. Also the XP of the two trees was combined. So whenever I praticed French my XP grew no matter what base language I used. I don't see the benefit of split XP for the same language...


Thanks, that clarifies it.

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