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"Why does it always hail here?"

Translation:Waarom hagelt het hier altijd?

October 6, 2014



Can "Waarom hagelt het altijd hier" also work, or only the "hier altijd" ordering?


"Altijd hier" works as well, though it is less common


I am a dutch native speaker and also gave that answer but it was considered wrong. There is a slight difference in the meaning of the sentence when you change the order of the words. In Dutch the last word is most important. So putting HIER at the end puts the emphasise on the location. While if you would put ALTIJD at the end, the emphasis would be on ALTIJD.


Thank you; I also put it at the end and got it wrong. Interesting to know there is a subtle but probably not critical difference in meaning.


Thanks :D

Is the place before time order a consequence of this being a question?


Graag gedaan! In Dutch it's usual to put the time first and than the place, so the reverse of English. It's not a grammatical rule though, just the basic word order, so you can switch them. But it's doesn't matter if it's a question or not.

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