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  5. My username was duplicated !


My username was duplicated !


I just had my username duplicated by Guidlines ! I received on my own stream a message from my own username, whereas it was not me ! But the author of this joke is Guidelines. What does that mean exactly ? Can my account be controlled by other person ?

In this case, can someone access to my account and login at my place and change my password and so on ?

What can I do to prevent this in the future ? Can you tell me what I have to do not to have this "incident" again ?

October 6, 2014



What? I did not access your account by using your password ! I simply changed my username into TheWorid2014. I capitalized the i making it TheWorId2024.


Hi Guidelines, it is against the website's guidelines to make other users feel uncomfortable. While that leaves room for debate on the manner and our level of responsibility towards avoiding making someone else uncomfortable (someone could say "your breathing makes me uncomfortable" and I wouldn't ask you to stop breathing ^_~), cloning an account is not considered a grey area once it makes another user feel uncomfortable. So, please refrain from doing that. Thanks!


That is what I want to verify with the moderator. Because I don't want to have my account to be hacked. It is serious for me ! I want to be sure... If I have to change my email account that I use for duolingo or not...


Guidelines did not post as you. Guidelines posted as TheWorid2014. T-h-e-w-o-r-i-d. Notice the "i."

Verify this by copying the username from the post to your stream. Paste it into a word processing program (like Word) and fiddle with the font. If you're using Word, go to font - popout window - all caps. If someone was able to change their user name (which is NOT the same as posting as you or controlling your account), you should see "THEWORLD." But because Guidelines actually just made a similar name and used an i instead of an l, you will see "THEWORID."


Yes, that is what I understood too. He has aklready explained that to me. But I hate the doubt ! :) And I also wanted to see the reaction of Guidelines. Is he honest or not ? On the other hand, I don't like this kind of joke. Fortunalety, it was a joke. If Guideslines did it in the purpose to "harm" my life, this action can be considered the "Identity usurpation" ! :)


Thank you a lot for having verified it.

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