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  5. Coach now on the website, too.


Coach now on the website, too.

I know have a little Coach above my daily progress. It seems like now only progress overall (and not separately for each language) is tracked.

Anything else you noticed?

some trouble shooting info in these discussions:

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4892005 https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4916339

October 6, 2014



XP bar and word count disappeared , it is terrible because now we cannot see how many more points we need to get to the next level


I agree with this, Selcen. That part leaves me scratching my head. That is more motivating than a daily goal (which is why I'm not the hugest fan of the Coach in the app...and now they won't let me delete the goal).


How come I see a green circle around you sometimes and other times not? Can you switch it off or is someone else using your profile picture?


No one is impersonating me. I sometimes reply in forums that I do not moderate. I have power in the EN ES forums, the main Duolingo forums for both languages, and the two Troubleshooting sections.


Español es tu primera lengua?


To effectively "delete the goal" just click on the little gear by the goal thingie, then click on "Basic: 1XP a day" and it will be back to normal, but you will still see the goal thingie.


True to form, DL adds something, and removes something else to balance it out. I get their concept for that policy (simplify), but this is not always a good thing to do. In fact, it's often not a good thing to do. This is one of those cases, and it's pretty ridiculous.

Beyond that, the inability to remove the goal (as per AlexisLinguist; I haven't tried it, and for this exact type of bug/reason) is also ridiculous, and I'm not sure I see the point in it, anyway. We've already got streaks. Now they're implementing a second type? Maybe to remove the first type? facepalm

Metrics can be misleading, even from lab rats.


I sorely wish they would simply add something in without taking an already established feature away.


Every new update makes my personal user experience worse. Sad but literally true.


Totally agree with you, and it is not only the Coach that I have to admit that in fact I do not like it at all, there is nothing more motivating for me at least see how much more experience do I need to get to the next level, and on the other hand the Coach demands the same experience for all the languages that you are learning, no matter if you do 50 xp just in english, it counts for every languages, so it is done, you get the whole goal at once.


Is this for everyone? Or just those people who have set a goal in the Coach?


Anyone who was switched over to the Coach feature, regardless of whether you have set it or not.


I noticed this too and me being the fool I am created a discussion on it without seeing this :D

But here's a picture for those that do not have it: Imgur Imgur


thanks for the info - this is very discouraging........ when they took the vocabulary info away early this year people went crazy and we were promised it would come back.......then we were scolded for months on end whenever anyone asked again when we'd get the word counts and the word lists back.......so now they are taking away the word count..... and the experience points ----- I don't like the coach thing at all and have no interest in setting a daily goal and nagging.......I don't know why they would take away the most basic metrics we have had to track ourselves. - so are they taking away the levels too ? this makes no sense


thanks for these! I was too lazy to do screenshots :D (edited)


Thanks, Kgm7! I thought I needed new glasses! I didn't know what was happening!


This makes me wonder though, did they add Duo's outfits to the website's lingot store too?


Oh, I'd like to get him a Halloween costume,


You probably already know, but no.


Aw. I was hoping to get my own owl costume. Not for Halloween, just to wear around town.


Lost my word count! I was using that as a "guide" of sorts minimum number of words a day.


Both that and the overal XP count. How are we supposed to gauge how close we are to the next level?


I also miss the old XPs bars. Way more motivating.


oh yeah! Just noticing that now. That is indeed a bit sad :(


While I love the idea of the coach and was extremely happy about this event, I find it ridiculous to hold a spot for a so-called "Basic" setting which requires you to have 1 XP point a day. That's nothing as well as pretty difficult to achieve! You must be either very bad at the language or very lazy, wanting or being able to pass only the first question of a timed exercise OR again, you must be very bad the at language or very lazy and go into immersion to translate a single word or click on a "looks good" to gain a single XP. The very moment you finish a diligent practice session you get at least 10 XP which immediately "throws" you to the "Casual" setting...

I would also find it delicate to have an option to set our own goal, because 50 XP a day is still not that insane, considering that it adds up doing different courses (I do three courses, so I have to achieve 16 XP per course which is not really much). Another solution OR an extension for this could be to separate the coach for each course, but that wields the danger of making it unmanageable and incomprehensible for the learner. Perhaps a kind of a summary, or a diary could do the trick which lists all the coaches for today?

EDIT: Besides, before I am considered ungrateful: I LOVE THIS and THANK YOU SO MUCH for adding this feature, it is really cool and well done :)

EDIT2: edited stupid typos and corrected words I spelt wrong. It's late here you know -.-


I wanted to write something similar. 50 xp is pretty normal I guess and nothing impossible to reach. Thus, I would greatly enhance the trainer with levels of 100, 200, 500, 1000 xp. more than 1000 xp would be insane, but there are people who have a tier higher than 3 and use the immersion section intensively and gaining 50 xp a day could mean to translate one sentence a day - and that is clearly not insane!


100% agreed.

Perhaps the coach could ignore immersion though??

[deactivated user]

    Maybe they could have a setting for Immersion, because sometimes the only practice people do on a certain langauage is Immersion.


    Yes this should be the solution. The coach is only for lessons, not for immersion.


    You can set a custom XP goal by opening F12 developer tools and editing the value of the "data-goal" attribute in the radio input.


    Cool idea - I tried that but after I make the changes to the code, it shows on the page but when I leave the page then the code reverts back to the previous code - is there a compiler or something that needs to be done after the code is changed to save it so it is permanent?


    I'm sad they got rid of the ability to build up XP, so that you can keep your Coach's streak even with a low XP in a given day. You used to be able to build up XP during the week, so that you could "slack" on the weekends, while maintaining this streak. I've since given up on the "Coach's streak" and have only cared about the streak presented on the website.

    Ultimately, streaks are irrelevant since the point is the learn the language. The Coach's streak used to be a helpful tool to lead towards that goal, but isn't anymore for me. I'm sure they have analytics that show that I'm in the minority, and I understand that, and am cool with it. Just wanted to share my personal history with this.


    "Ultimately, streaks are irrelevant since the point is the learn the language."

    How is something that encourages consistent practice irrelevant to learning the language? Because the minimum goal truly requires minimal effort?

    I didn't realize that Immersion counted towards the streak. If that's the case, does Words?


    Perhaps "irrelevant" was too strong of a word choice. What I mean is that "streaks" are just a means to the end, not the ultimate goal. Someone could go into "Immersion" and check one word a day, a keep a streak going. They wouldn't be learning anything though.


    Oh, gotcha, yes.

    One of my workout trackers sends a weekly email summarizing your points for the week, comparing to previous weeks and other users, and challenges you to get x points in the coming week. From a motivational standpoint, I like this. It's clear (quantified), attainable (reasonable increases), socially-constructed (look what others are doing!), and self-centered (you're compared to your previous work).

    It also doesn't penalize you for having a lazy week: you don't break a streak, fail to meet a goal, or anything like that. The closest the "coach" comes to shaming you is "this is x points fewer than last week."

    I think something like that would be useful. The consistent practice, effort, and interest in improving over the long run are important. What you're doing on a day to day level is less important.


    In fact you can pick up 1 XP for translating a handful of words, even a single word, in immersion if you are really pushed for time and want to maintain your streak.


    This is equal to keeping a regular (not coach) streak on duolingo. I think they are doing away with the regular streak and trying to push people to only use coach.


    But that's totally against the goal of the coach!


    Intended usage =/= actual use.


    Oh, I'm glad that thing is irritating others too. Given the wild variation in points for different engagement and how widely they diverge from the effort involved, why on earth would I want to set a points target rather than a ground covered target?


    "Why on earth would I want to set a points target rather than a ground covered target?" Agreed. The streak is great for daily "progress" (quotes because some days are five XP), and the bar for overall progress. No thanks, Duolingo, if you don't bring the bar back. Not to mention the redesign before this...


    So how do I find my overall XP now? I am hoping I am just missing the obvious and not that is is just missing now. Very annoying.


    I have not as of yet received this feature. Perhaps it is an A/B test.


    I don't have it either.


    yeah usually these things are A/B tested! Let's see how it goes. If it is useful you should soon have it too!


    I don't have it either.....and am going to say some extra prayers that it stays that way as long as possible!


    Why on Earth would these need to be A/B tested? Its setting a goal. Its not as if they're adding different types of excercises to practice or anything.


    Questions the A/B testing could answer (and thus improve):

    What goals are chosen?

    How do people interact with the goal and how does their behavior change after setting a goal?

    I'm sure there's more, but basically: in the current world of technology development, user testing over short spurts is VERY common. The website user base is not identical to the app user base, and thus the testing.


    Too bad it doesn't seem to work. Most of the changes they've made to this website over the last year or two have been met with huge amounts of complaints.


    The nature of the internet and feedback is that negative feedback appear to be more meaningful than positive feedback: more people speak up when they're unhappy, etc. Also, know how people flip out whenever Facebook changes the look and feel...and then a few months later nobody cares? Yes, some changes are legitimately for the worse. But sometimes the change is ultimately neutral, or even positive in light of a specific goal.

    I'm not the developer, so I can't speak to what metrics are actually being used. But it sounds like it's a more complicated process than "x% of our users people complained, guess we'll change it back."


    I clicked 'Basic' and now it won't let me go back to having no coach.


    Yes, it seems once you 'activate' coach, there is no going back (that I can find at least).


    Correct. That feature was recently removed on the app.

    Heaven knows why...


    I'm just wondering if your daily streak is kept alive even if you don't reach your daily goal.


    That is a really good question, and the answer is most likely "no", since that's how the app operates.


    I have it too, will they add Coach clothes to the Lingot Store like in the app?


    Most of my points are from immersion so the 50xp doesn't seem much


    That's what I'm saying. The goals should be higher on the site because of the inclusion of Immersion.


    Not just that. You can do timed practice and get up to 50xp in no time at all just keeping your tree gold.


    I'm saying in terms of speed, for those on Tier 4 above. Find several sentences that need to be checked (or even headings), and within twenty seconds, you can get those 50 XP.


    Another change I noticed is the return of the translation tiers on a user's profile. I like that!

    Gasp! had not noticed the XP and word count area has disappeared. That is disappointing!

    Thanks to all for your comments. I will definitely not initiate the coach feature.


    The experience graph has a different color scheme for me.


    yep, seems to be darker, and the area underneath is it colored.


    I set a goal on the website and launched my ios app, where I have not yet set a goal.

    The ios app still wants me to set a goal. Interesting that the two aren't linked!


    I wouldn't expect that unless this feature passed A/B testing.


    Oh, good point.


    I want a 500 XP daily goal, and it only has 50 at the most. Is there any way I can change this?


    I've got this as well, Franky. Interesting, Duolingo. Harmless so far. I'll try it out for sure. :) Danke!

    Edit: The only good thing is the countdown.


    I love how it was added to the website. I set this extremely hard goal to reach- 1 XP a day. xD


    How many people are usually in an A/B testing group, because I always seem to be in them. Plus, I would like to say that I miss the XP bar telling me how close I was to the next level. Can it, like translation tiers with the profile page change recently, be re-added due to popular request?


    Also, I'd like to see my amount of XP for each individual language rather than all of my languages combined.


    They usually split the user base 50:50. You won't notice most of the tests if you are not in the test group.


    I'm not a fan of this new feature, especially since it got rid of my ability to separately track how many points I had gotten in a day for each language. It's simplified, but reduced the effectiveness of even having that information.


    since there seems to be two discussions, I'll type me comment here too:

    This seems to be another indicator that duolingo is going the way of 'forcing' everyone into using coach. This has already happen (from what I hear) on the new iPhone app, and you can no longer 'opt out' of coach.
    With 1XP needed at the basic level, it really doesn't change anything, but does make things a bit more uniform.
    The stats screen looks nice too. I wonder if the "..hours left to go" syncs with your computers clock or your 'duolingo day' clock.


    The "hours left to go" syncs with your account time - this means (hooray!) all the times are now consistent. Your weekly progress will match when we check for your streak which will match this timer which will match your timezone. Hopefully that will clear up some confusion.


    I think it will, but it would probably be more informative if people actually knew what timezone the application placed them under. It can potentially be quite confusing if one suddenly changes timezones and sees a different timer.

    Perhaps it could be shown in the settings/account or once hovered.

    Could you also clarify whether this is doing away with the original streak and replacing it with the "on track" label?


    Thank you so much for the (official) information!
    I think this will clear up a lot of confusion for a lot of people.


    Damn. I hope DL is not going to go down the route of forcing users to use the site in a presciptive way. As it stands I can currently ignore all the silly games that others seem to find essential to their use of the site. I'm over 50. I DO NOT WANT to be forced to use features intended to motivate 13 year olds at school.


    I agree, but I don't think it will matter in the long run. They are setting the 'basic' level of coach at 1XP, so this setting will basically be like having coach mode turned out.


    The issue I have with this feature (and as I do not yet have it I am going by what those who do have it have said) is that DL seems to be introducing features that you HAVE to use - regardless of whether they actually motivate you or not and whether you find them helpful or not.

    For some people, especially introverts who rely on their own internal, inherent motivation, being told they HAVE to do something or HAVE to use the site in a prescribed way is itself ironically DEmotivating.

    I, and no doubt many other users, do not need chivvying up or jollying along to do our daily practice or set externally visible goals. We are motivated to do our daily practice because learning a language is inherently rewarding, both immediately and in the long term.

    If DL introduces a toolkit of features and options which the user can use or not as he wishes, then fair enough. We will all use what works for us, but to be forced to use features which do not actually motivate us but make things less pleasant, risks alienating up to half of the site's users.


    I think they are just trying to simplify.
    It does motivate some users, so those users can set their goal to 30, 40, 50, whatever, but for those who don't like it, they can just set their goal for 1XP and continue on like nothing happen.
    (not a fan myself, and actually haven't set a goal yet in protest, but I understand the reasoning)


    Aw shoot! I can't get rid of it if I want to. Silliness. At least I didn't put it on a course that I was using. Dang.

    Unless it carries over everywhere, which I am then ticked off by, and this is the second strike by Duolingo for me.


    It seems you're reading too much into it. As it stands it doesn't affect use at all. More importantly there is always a risk with any innovation, which is why Duolingo reduces this risk by A/B testing everything. One can look at it as simply renaming "streak" with "on track".

    A rose by any other name can smell just as sweet, and pricks just as well.

    P.S. I don't have it yet, and am just going by what I've read about the coach.


    I think the clock synchronizes with the account time zone (mine is EST). It says six hours remaining.


    Is your computer timezone and duolingo timezone the same? If not, if you change your timezone on your computer (and refresh the page), does the hours left change?


    It is indeed a clock for your "Duolingo" day, wazzie. I set it two hours ahead and refreshed on that page, and it was still 6 hours. Problem solved for travelers in terms of keeping track of time.


    Oh thank goodness! I was scrolling through comments looking for exactly this information.. Thanks wazzie! (Now I just have to wait for reports on whether or not the website has been moved to the Individual language streak or if it is still retaining a more global streak.)


    Why don't you be our guinea pig and see? Don't meet the goal.

    Muahahahaha, it's probably just like the app, UB7. Don't meet the goal, you lose your streak. I'm keeping mine set at 1. :P

    Yeah, for now, just forget about it. :/

    Me as well.


    悪人... :P

    I haven't set mine at all. I'm guessing that means I'm auto-set to 1XP. Man... our upcoming gig is going to make this thing look like a mini windfall for the metrics... :( I'm not totally opposed to the couch for the website because it allows for 1XP minimum. But, I am seriously missing my progress between levels bar. :(


    My guess would be that this is a semi-revert back to the old streak system when the flame is your overall streak (maintained by 1XP per day in any language) and coach (previously language specific streak) seen on each web page's specific page and maintained by meeting daily goal in each language.


    Makes sense to me. I bet we will find out by tomorrow...


    Yes, this is super nice to come home to!

    Yes, though, it is sad to be without the level progress bar and without the word count. But having the 'Words' section available to me makes me happy. It evens out. :)


    I'm super excited by this, I suddenly feel motivated again!

    However, I get concerns about the xp bar being removed and I think someone mentioned they can't see their word amount. Couldn't it all have been worked into the design?

    But for me... I'm happy! =)


    Anybody else having problems with the xp count on the coach? I've did one lesson today, earned 19 pts, and the coach shows me as having over 300xp for today. :/ It's possibly combining the points with yesterday...

    Am I missing something? Or should I report this as a glitch?


    I noticed this also. Just got home from school and I saw the coach telling me to set a daily XP goal. I always thought it would only be available for iOS (soon Android), but now it's on the website! So exciting!!! ;D


    I haven't tested to see if it will take one lesson of Portuguese and French yet.

    EDIT: Yes it does count both languages. ;)


    I noticed. I just didn't post anything.


    I'm glad that you now have 24 hours to do your daily practice rather than just straight at midnight. My biggest wish was being able to adjust when the daily "reset" occurs.


    I do not seem to have the coach feature (which I am quite happy about) but just curious is this one of those AB things or is there something wrong with my account?


    I have no official confirmation, but I'm rather sure that it's an A/B test. If you are not in the test group, please study really,really hard :)

    EDIT: Official confirmation: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4898540


    I bet negatives have just as much of an effect. I won't study on the site. :P


    Yep, maybe 1XP a day to keep the streak. Let's strike! :)


    I'm all in. :)

    (Truce on the lingots, deal). I didn't give you that lingot, honest.


    I'll try to double my efforts for XP as I'm in the control group. :)

    (As long as I remain lingot free...)


    Hohenems, what do lingots have to do with this? Where do they come in?

    I'm in the test group, but I haven't "signed up" for the daily goal. Not even gonna touch it, so, according to some, I guess I'm automatically at 1 XP.


    Blackmail, Hohenems?


    @Oleron3 Nothing. Just an inside joke of sorts.


    @Soglio I work for the government. Just trying to build my skill set up so I can be a Department Head one day.


    If you have enough lingots, can't you buy yourself a promotion? Or is Canada different that way?


    @Hohenems: we have a deal! (It wasn't me either!)


    okay, maybe i have our looked it, but the XP count counts for all languages. Or do I have to reach the goal for each language individually? (50 xp in German and 50xp in Italy or 0 in Germany and 50 in Italy)


    The coach is quite motivating, thanks a lot for all the free stuff Duolingo! You're awesome!


    Why did Duoling make that stupid thing?? I think that mostly of people want the XP bar to be back.


    There was an error changing my coach. I was trying to learn Italian and I hadn't used duolingo for a while so I had set my goal for regular. But when I got back into it I wanted to change my goal. It said, there was an error setting up your coach, try again later. So I refreshed the app. Nothing. I tried again later. Nothing. I tried agin the next day. Nothing. If anybody out there receives this message, please respond with a user friendly answer (I'm not exactly the worlds biggest computer expert.) THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi Blue! Go to http://www.duolingo.com/bchan. Let bchan know what is going on. The first note only has room for 300 characters. So, make it short. Underneath it, your next comment can be much longer. Make sure to list what operating system you're using in your message (For example, I'm using Windows7) and what browser you're using (I'm using Chrome, some use Firefox or Navigator etc.). Then, say whether you're using a phone or ipad app, which phone if it's a phone, or the website. If you can take screen print of the error message, go to http://imgur.com and upload the image. Then, right click the image and choose "copy image url" Paste that URL with your message by right clicking on bchan's stream and selecting "paste". If you don't know how to take a screenprint, go to www.youtube.com, put in what operating system and "how to take a screenprint. From there, go to your programs and find the default pain program. Then go to File, then Paste. Save the file to your deskdop for easy findings. Then upload that image to imgur.com

    I hope this was understandable. Good luck! I hope all of this gets figured out for you. :)

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