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icn mag - ich möchte

What is the difference? Is it the same verb "mögen"

September 17, 2012



mögen .. ich mag (ind. pres), ich mochte (ind imp.), ich möchte (conj. pres) As you see: three tenses and different forms of the verb "mögen" NB ich mochte<>ich möchte.


"Ich mag es haben" is not a nice phrase. "Ich mag diese Farbe" is a better example. "Ich mag radeln" is right also. "I like to ride a bicycle"


moechte is "would like" or "might want": mag is just "like" so if you said, I would like to have it, it would be "Ich moechte es haben" If you said I like to have it, it would be "Ich mag es haben" hope that answer your question :)


What I would like to know is if it is the same verb. When "möchte" appeared among the Duolingo questions, the conjugation that popped up was the present tense of mögen, where the first pesron sing. is "ich mag"


Thanks Siebolt, I thought it might be that, but I wanted confirmation, that's why I said in the feedback that explanations are missing.

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