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  5. "He is a good man."

"He is a good man."

Translation:Hij is een goede man.

October 6, 2014



I just like to be sure, Hij is een 'goede' man = he is a good man. So would, Zij is een 'goed' meisje = she is a good girl? I changed goede to goed because meisje is a (het) noun. Thank you anyone who can confirm or correct me :)


Yes i think that's how it works.


Differance between goed and goede?


Grammatical rule. You use the adjectives with -e before "de" nouns and definite "het nouns". Else you use the form without -e (spelling change may occur eg goedkoop vs goedkope). Correct me if I am wrong.


The website glitched and said I got it wrong even though I wrote 'Hij is een goede man.' exactly how it should be. :(

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