"Wie ist deine neue Klasse?"

Translation:How is your new class?

October 6, 2014

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So did I get this right?

die Klasse ~ class, section (of students)

die Unterricht ~ lecture, lesson (being taught to die Klasse)


die Klasse is a bit more general and refers to a grouping or classification of things like social class or something like "the class of vertebrates" in biology. In the context of schools it usually means a group of students in a grade. "Unser Sohn ist in der achten Klasse." -> "Our son is in the eigth grade."

der Unterricht (masculine) is the actual lesson/instruction/teaching itself. "Wir sollen ins Kino gehen! Heute hat mein Unterricht keine Hausaufgaben!" -> "We should go to the movies! I don't have any homework for my class today!"

Hope this helps! Not a native speaker, so any corrections or clarifications are appreciated.


i got it wrong. what is your new class? anyone know where the like comes from the given answer: what is your new class like?


I agree where does the word like come into the sentence


"Wie" means "how." Casually, in English, "How is X?" can also be phrased as "What is X like?" Like, here, is an adjective rather than a verb: "It's like drinking from a fire hose: there's too much!"

So "How is your new class?" can also be phrased as "What is your new class like?"


I've heard that Germans rarely use this word for class and instead use Stunde. Is this true?


Would "Wie gehts..." work here?


Shouldn't "how is your new grade" be accepted?

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