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  5. "The woman is a brunette."

"The woman is a brunette."

Translation:A mulher é morena.

June 13, 2013



why not "a mulher é uma morena"?


That should also be accepted, if you want to highlight the woman is really pretty, for instance.


agreed. did you report it?


I didn't. Must do the lesson and meet this sentence again to repot it right? I thougt I was wrong.


no problem, and i understand you, i do always the same when i'm not sure about my solution. Do not go back again only for this! it's just that we know now that it is not reported, so the next one who runs into it, will.


I thought morena signified "brown-skinned"?


Morena can be related to the skin or hair.


With hair,don't you need a clarifier?


When you hear "morena", you usually asks for more information because you never know what it is related to.


Brunette is pretty ?


In english brunette, only refers to hair, you can be white, black or asian and still be a brunette it has nothing to do with you skin colour. You need to find another word or words to describe a persons skin colour.


My phone app does not allow me to put comments for some reason, but it did this time. Brunette never included any reference to anything other than hair color (of a woman), at least that has always been my understanding.

Languages change, but I feel that there is a kind of looseness now, that "anything goes', that it simply depends on whether you agree with or like something. I come from a time when there were more parameters, and we had to give proof, show where your information came from, instead of simply stating that my opinion is true or accurate.


"morena" is related to hair and also to the skin.


What about castanha? Why castanha is not accepted?


These are castanhas:

"Castanha" is also used to refer to a color similar to brown. But it is not used to refer to people.


My friend (a girl from Brazil) says, that castanha ist often used for eyes and hairs.


Yes. You can say "olho(s) castanho(s)" and "cabelo(s) castanho(s)".

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