"Mi viene a trovare."

Translation:She visits me.

June 13, 2013

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It could be masculine as well since there is no personal pronoun like "lui" o "lei" indicating the gender.


Thanks, it looks like duolingo makes gender decisions without reason and then fails acceptable answers. That makes the whole learning thing harder, because they say something is wrong when it is right. Agh


You must take in account that Italian has been accessible little more than 9 months and It probably has thousands of sentences each one with at least dozen possible correct translations. Duolingo's staff inputs as many possible translations as they can but since there are so many possibilities sometimes it is easy to overlook even some obvious ones. Because of that doulingo relies on it's users to report mistakes and possible translations, and with each correct accepted report learning becomes even better. :)


I do and I accept it is a free service. But if we don't tell them about this issue they will not improve it (I have).


is this correct italian? I mean is this how you say this sentence? because a literal translation is "she comes to find me"


Yes it is. http://www.wordreference.com/enit/visit

to visit = andare/venire a trovare ; fare visita (formal)

note the difference in using andare a trovare and venire a trovare :

  1. When you're speaking to the person to whom you are visiting (or plan to visit or have visited, etc.) you use venire a trovare

  2. When you're talking about visiting someone, and you are not addressing the person to whom you plan to visit directly, use andare a trovare

for other examples check http://italian.engagedthinking.com/lessons/Lesson_194.pdf


The link you referenced 'Lesson_194' was very helpful... are there others? I'd love to use them as references


I just found out that they have some other Italian grammar lessons on their blog: http://ilgur.com/

If you want more references check this list of links http://www.duolingo.com/comment/233855 :)


„He comes to meet me” isn't a possibile solution?


The owl corrected my : She is coming to visit me. To read She is coming to FIND me.

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