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Translation Between (low) Dutch and (high) Deutsch

would be fun if added to this site. Would the database support it, or would it be necessary to visit every phrase and re-translate it? Does the database link the words and phrases and grammatical constructs of each language to a common underlying semantic notation?

October 7, 2014



Oh, I would love a course Dutch for German Speakers.


Going by the things explained by the course builders that I read. A complete new course has to be build, or actually two if you want both Dutch from German and German from Dutch. Basically the framework for both of these is available because of the German from English and Dutch from English courses. Basically the new course builders would take that as a basis and then removing certain lessons (which have to be taught to English speakers but not between Dutch and German because they are identical) and then tweaking and adding things. But I bet it is more difficult and more work that this paragraph implies, so don't expect this in less than a few months.

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