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Experience Bar is gone?

The recent updates have removed the experience bar feature on the Home page. Is there anyway to check your progress towards the next level now?


October 7, 2014



I found both the XP bar and also the number of words a good encourager to learn more. It'd be nice to be able to see the info somehow.


I strongly agree with you Jen. You can still see how many words you know in the Words tab, but it seems a bit dull.


The behavior of the developers is bizarre. Things disappear, come back in a different form, disappear again, all without warning or explanation. It's amateurish, as if they're two guys in a garage.


I submitted a question to Duolingo Support asking how to bring back the experience bar (I especially miss being able to easily see the number of words learned in each language). If I hear anything back, I'll let people here know.


I want my bar back! About to achieve level 19. After that I will not where I stand towards 20


Self reply. I do see the total points in my profile. So I can crunch some numbers to know my needs for the next level. I still like the visual aid though.




I don't really know any way to know it. “Daily goal settings” can be helpful, but the level, the number of points of each level and the number of points already done on each level are really very helpful too, as long as they allow us to distribute the number of times we repeat each lesson and each skill, considering that we have to obtain 30,000 points to get to the 25th level of each language. For example: knowing that, we know that we have some 400 points available for each one of the more or less 75 skills.


I like the daily goal feature too, but removing the exp bar is just insane. It ruins the experience of getting rewarded when you are good at something.


I agree... in fact, I feel so unmotivated all of the sudden, and wonder if I will be able to keep coming back, as I feel no incentive if I can't know how far along I am coming in each language.


They took it out of the kindle app last update. That was a shame but I could still see it on the website. If they take that too I will be really miffed,, it is such a good motivator. I am not in the current test group and I hope they don't go general with this change.


Can anyone get a check on the iOS and Android apps? I think they are removed as well.


Yes, it is also gone on Android. Too bad, it was a good way to keep me motivated.


You can see it after you strengthen a skill, but I would prefer it back on the home screen please!


Same for me, would really like it back. In the meanwhile, if you haven't, don't activate the daily coach. No way to retern (yet).


Thank you, "Vincentos54." Perhaps this will help certain individuals. :)


Certain individuals... for most, it's too late now. :(


I don't even see my XP bar after I strengthen a skill.


Having the same issue... I see my daily goal meter though. The experience bar would fit snugly at the top of the results screen if they were to add it back.


I don't either... I haven't seen any indicator at all that I have improved anything on my level.

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Wanted to know my status on the way to the next level too...here it my solution to combine both, the coach and the XP bar: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4914732


Glad I'm not the only one who misses the XP Bar. If I get a reply on the matter from Duo, I'll post it here. Hopefully they bring it back for everyone, or at least allow us the option to have it visible on the home page.


I'm so glad this isn't just me becoming senile in my ripe old age of 20 and missing it. Yeah, what gives, Duo? As someone who plays a good deal of JRPGs, it's rather startling to see the once-present experience-bar feature be removed.


I also would like the Experience Bar back...I have no idea how many more experience points I need to get to the next level.


For me, the XP bar was a great motivator whereas I find the coach function annoying and not at all helpful. I generally aim for 40-60 points a day but i have my coach set to 1 so that i don't have to deal with it. I think we all set our own personal goals but the bar often encouraged me to exceed it it rather than just meet it.


I believe the last comment was a month ago... still no experience bar :( I'd really like to have it bach too! I already e-mailed the dupport service, but no answer.


Gimme back my bar, Leroy...


I too want my XP bar back, regardless of whether I have the Coach or not, and I want there to be a way to choose to remove the Coach, no way should i have to be in the position of losing my xp bar just coz I idly clicked on the Coach to see what would happen and now I cannot reverse it via Duolingo. (it can be worked around, check out post above by user th23x, see this solution to combine both, the coach and the XP bar: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4914732


you can install this extension from the chrome webstore to make the progress bar reappear https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolingo-xp-bar/dkknkcpbgcaldcjpchgciginadhnapeh/related


i miss feedback . how well I am doing. also with the quiz: what were my errors. at the end it just says 3.37 / 5 but no more information where I missed the points


Hi, I've only been using Duolingo for a month now, but this post strikes a chord. I'd really like to see this experience bar that everybody speaks of.

I tried installing the plugin that's supposed to bring it back, but no joy.

I agree that such a device would be more motivating than the coach feature, and that it was basically brainless of Duolingo to remove it.

I hope that M_Bosch receives a favourable reply from the support service.

Just a mad idea, perhaps we could organise a petition asking for the return of the progress bar. Lets say our goal is 10,000 signatures.


I appreciate the fact that the administrators of Duolingo put a lot of effort in showing the experience points on the user profiles, but I also prefered the experience bar. It motivated me more to gain xp when I saw my overall progression on the home page.


I want the progress bar back too!


EASY Solution (written in Spanish ) to know our XP points and how much needed to raise the level ! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7890944




Give me XP! It can't be that hard!

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