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I keep getting this wrong

The "question" is the following: The cook is learning with her ingredients. I answer with Die Köchin lernt mit ihrem Zutaten, but it keeps telling me the correct answer is Der Koch lernt mit ihren Zutaten. I'm no expert with the Dative and I don't know if it says it's wrong because of the difference between ihrem and ihren, but I'm pretty sure Köchin is femenine and due to the sentence saying her I immediatly made the association. Can someone explain this to me? If I'm right about this they should change the options to make it a little more clear to students.

September 17, 2012



The cook is learning with her ingredientS. Plural makes the Artikel "die" and the dativ form of "die" is "den". "Ihr" gets the ending of "den" so it becomes "Ihren".

:) Ich druck dir die Daumen!


Pretty sure your problem is actually that you're writing "mit ihreM Zutaten" and not "mit ihreN Zutaten"-- Duolingo usually accepts male and female forms of occupations (and if they don't, you should send them feedback).


"Der Koch lernt mit ihren Zutaten". or "Die Köchin lernt mit ihren Zutaten." "... mit ihreM Zutaten." does not exist. The (singular) male form would be "... mit seinen Zutaten".


Kragi, the way I think about it... to explain the use of "der koch" with "ihren"-- the cook isn't necessarily cooking with his OWN ingredients. If we made up some context for the sentence, there could be a woman or multiple people offstage whose ingredients he's using. "Die Frau hat eine Küche. Der Koch lernt mit ihren Zutaten." Wouldn't that be work?


elae, yes, I agree. Just wanted to say, that if the ingredients belong to "him", that would not be "mit ihrem Zutaten" but "mit seinen Zutaten".

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