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  5. "Help me close the door."

"Help me close the door."

Translation:Hjælp mig med at lukke døren.

October 7, 2014


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I think there should be a shorter way to say this. Are these OK?

Hjælp mig at lukke døren.

Hjælp mig luk døren.


I am tasting them now... nam nam... I think the last one needs a comma, being imperative and all "Hjælp mig, luk døren!". But that does not convey the same meaning. You might keep it infinitive "Hjælp mig lukke døren". I think the original "Hjælp mig med at lukke døren" is best though. You may hear someone say what you suggest, but I do not think it is proper Danish. Some things are just denser in other languages. "Ayudame cerrar la puerta".

Thinking about it again, they might be accepted as answers... If you like :-) I am sorry for the non-answer.

Google results: "hjælp mig med": 1.660.000 "hjælp mig med at": 1.390.000 "hjælp mig at": 664.000 "hjælp mig lukke": 4 (but every verb should count here)



Why is this: "Hjælp mig at lukke med døren." incorrect? Duolingo's own translator says it is correct!!!!! I am so tired of all the inconsistencies and no help from "the hints".


"Hjælp mig at lukke med døren." means "Help me close with the door."

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