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  5. "Hun spiser brød."

"Hun spiser brød."

Translation:She eats bread.

October 7, 2014



When the computer says 'brød' it sounds like somebody's choking.Is there a mistake in the system here or it's just a weirdly pronounced word?


It is pronounced correctly. Welcome to the danish language! :-)


When put in slow motion, it seems easy to confuse brød with brødet, any tips for distincting between those?


So, brød = (some) bread and brøed = the bread? I'm just starting and I am an english speaker so I want to get a hang of the articles


The bread = brødet :)


I am new at Danish - how does the 'ø' sound differ from the 'o'?


Thank you - that was helpful.


Omg , how "d" sounds? Is it like "l" or something similar?


Check this video, there's a good picture of the tongue position when saying the letter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtRux2J9O7s&list=UUELY640l4PvwswWPTfMQ5YA


I don't speak danish well enough yet, so mostly I just watched what he's doing. Nevertheless it was pretty helpful. Thanks


Does anyone know of a video that goes more in dept on how to tell if words like vand and brød are said the normal way or the vandet / brødet way. I cannot tell the difference while listening and am struggling. Anything would be helpful, thanks.


I need help with this too. When I use the slower speech I can vaguely hear a "t" at the end of brødet, but not with vandet. The normal speed it so hard to tell the difference.


I don't know if this is helpful, but i speak Danish, and i think that in "brødet" it ( sort of)


I think that it (sort of) sound like "ed" in the end of Brødet instead of "et". Or else do it sound like a repeating of "ød"


So, this is off topic, but I want to know which language do you think is the easiest to learn: norwegian, danish, swedish or dutch? If you need any context/information on my language knowledge in general-my mother tongue is Serbian, I speak fluent English, my French sucks mostly because of my accent but I can grasp it, and I speak some German. Any help in a form of opinion, tip, experience, or anything really, would be much appreciated, thanks in advance :)


I vote Norwegian is easiest.


ive been learning mostly swedish and the some danish and norwegian on the side since my friends speak it and i think norwegian would be the easiest in general (at least for me) but i like swedish better dk how this helps but yk lmao


Is there any difference between the present progressive and simple in danish?


I don't think there is :)


How do you type the o with the diacritical mark?


Press and hold the letter o and you'll get it's variations


Why isn't "the" bread correct


brødet = the bread brød = bread


Why correct solution is:

Hun spiser brød.

Why is there no "et brød" or "brødet"? I know the difference between these two, but I don't understand why there is only "brød" in this sentence?


Idg how ur meant to differenciate between she eats the apple and she eats bread

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