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"Zullen zij rood hebben gekozen?"

Translation:Will they have chosen red?

October 7, 2014



I really hope this is a Matrix reference.


I guess your could say ' Will they have chosen for red' as well...?


No, in English, "choosing" and "choosing for" are different. If you choose "for" something or someone, you aren't choosing that thing or person, but rather choosing something on that person's (or thing's) behalf. For example, you could say "I chose a red coat for her," if you had decided on the red coat as a gift for her.


I guess so too. Zullen zij voor rood hebben gekozen? works as well in Dutch btw.


I don't think so. You can pray for, cheer for, sing for, etc. but you can't choose "for" something. You choose "something".


No, but you can also have "opted for red", but not "opted red". Though i guess that isnt a translation of this sentence, i mention it to show the slipperiness of english! Possibly from having so many source languages, so things that seem equivalent have different rules. Personally i would use "choose ..." in any situation, either a limited choice, or when i can freely choose without limit. I might use "opt for ..." if it was implicit or explicit that there was a limited or predetermined list of options.


In what sense is zij here different than ze? Also,i was corrected both times,when i used zij the first time and when i used ze the second...

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